Jimmy Cranford

Technical Manager



Ben Lemmons

As we look back and celebrate a rich 40 years in the USA, we want to share some of the stories that make up the SAHM journey. Here's to the next decades of winding perfection.

Ann Thomas

Spare Parts Manager

VP of Sales


Bernd Budaschik

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*Promotion valid from 8/1/2017 to 5/22/2018. All participants must be 18 years or older. Four (4) winners will receive $1,000 for the use of a company or department event. Some restrictions apply.

BBQ, music, laughter & memories... Four lucky winners will receive a party on us! To extend the celebration, we are giving away four company events.*



"Where did the SAHM logo
come from?"

We're excited to announce the first winner of our 40th anniversary give-away! Mike Bullard from Continental snatched the first 'party on us' and opted for chicken sandwiches for all.

The SAHM team, represented by Jimmy Cranford, Ben Lemmons and Mark Easley, served breakfast, lunch and dinner to cover all shifts of the day. 125 hungry team members gathered and connected over some delicious food. What could be better than that?!

We're grateful for the warm welcome we received at Continental, one of our wonderful customers. Thank you!

"Where does the name 'American Starlinger-Sahm' come from?

Are you next? It's still time to enter.

Angelika Huemer, Owner

"After 40 years in the USA, our commitment to this market is stronger than ever. With our recent investment in a top-of-the-line facility, our promise of unmatched service remains true as much today as it has in the past."

Jimmy Cranford, President

"Congratulations on 40 successful years!"

Mark Easley, Sales Manager

"As the new guy on the block, it is a great pleasure to work at American Starlinger Sahm. I look forward to many successful years."

Sebastian Weiss, Technical Manager

"After working at the SAHM headquarter in Germany, I moved to the US fours years ago and feel privileged to support our customers in all technical issues alongside an incredible, hard-working team."

"If I would be able to say one thing to the SAHM customers, it would be ‘thank you for allowing me and helping me to be successful in the US.' Thank you for your partnership for the years when I was a part of the Sahm organization in the US.  And congratulations to the Sahm organization for the 40 years of service in the US."

"It is the combination of skilled, dedicated people, high-quality machines, and the constant support from Sahm Germany and our owners, the Starlinger organization, that allow American Starlinger Sahm to support our customers with solutions that set them up for success. Yesterday, today and in the future."

Robert Gibbons, Electronic Specialist

Volker Sahm, Founder

American Sahm Corporation

American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Starlinger & Co. GmbH, a leading supplier of machinery for woven plastic bag production, PET recycling and refinement headquartered in Austria. The company distributes and services products and spare parts for Starlinger, German winder specialist Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG, as well as represents Roblon twisters and SAB material handling products.

In its new location, American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc. offers the full range of its products, spare parts and services. Machinery from Starlinger textile packaging, Starlinger recycling technology, Starlinger viscotec, and SAHM is set up in the new machine exhibition area. A recoSTAR universal recycling line, the viscoSHEET and deCON equipment, as well as SAHM winders are available to customers for demonstration runs and trials.

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